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  1. @Радослав е на този линк http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cancer_%28astrology%29 е написан:

    Three classes of Cancer

    June 21 - July 3 People born during this class of Cancer are said to be exceedingly under the influence the Moon. Their moods shift in accordance to the lunar phases and they are very nurturing in nature.

    July 4 - July 13 Individuals born into this class of Cancer are said to have developed a high degree of concentration and want more than an average life. They are sometimes possessive and domineering toward loved ones but are also loyal and will do their best to help them achieve happiness.

    July 14 - July 22 Those who are in this class of Cancer have the influence of both Cancer and Pisces. This class of Cancers love others unconditionally.

    Тоест рак е от 21.06 до 22.07 включително

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